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Home School Art Classes

A visually rich and creatively engaging curriculum

IDEA Studio is a professional "working" art studio located on Hilton Head Island. Local artist, Mark & Ginny Taylor are providing an opportunity for art education, creative discovery and self-expression through a variety of 2d & 3d art mediums.

Our core curriculum is known as KidzArt and is a drawing-based curriculum which has been developed and kid-tested by professional artists and educators for over 20 years and exceeds the National Visual Art Standards for art education. We use this incredible tool as a launch pad for delivering an ongoing, highly engaging and educationally rich creative experience for our students.  The curriculum is evolving, age appropriate and creatively engaging. Our dynamic classes can easily be adapted to compliment your home school curriculum.


In addition to our drawing base program we also offer a full clay/pottery studio consisting of electric wheels, kick wheels, slab roller, (2) kilns and glazing center. Please give us a call or send an email if you would like to schedule a visit to see the studio and discuss our home school program.

Home School Classes
Butterfly watercolor washes
Acryllic Painting
Home School Art Classes
Mardi Gra Masks
KidzArt Home School Classes
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After School Programs

A fun way to explore a variety of Art mediums

Our after school KidzArt Program is an enrichment program centered around the visual arts.  Offered by IDEA Studio the program is based around six week sessions coordinating with the school year calendar.


All after school KidzArt sessions are offered in age appropriate classes...Kindergarten thru 3rd grades, 4th & 5th grade and middle school classes. Our curriculum is always fresh and fun...and never repeats.  Our program is educational...but, shhhhh...don't tell the kids!


Throughout the six week session we explore a variety of mediums and methods of creating 2d and 3 dimensional works of art.  Throughout the year our curriculum utilizes over 60 professional art mediums such as: prisma markers, water colors, pastels, acyrilics, block printing, silk painting, clay and more...


KidzArt enhances a child's creativity and experience with art.  All children have a desire to express themselves in many ways...artistically, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Our after school program impacts each and every one of these areas of expression.

Teacher & student
Three friends
muti-media project
My mardi gras mask
Love to paint
my puppy
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KidzArt Clay Studio

Explore the tactile feeling of creating 3 dimensionally

In addition to our drawing base programs we offer a very creative & dynamic 3d curiculum for kids centered around our professional ceramics clay studio.

This is a true "get your hands dirty" program where we teach a variety of hand building techniques as well as giving the kids the opportunity to try their hand on a real potters wheel.  Kids love the tachtile qualities that clay offers and for many this provides their first experience to explore their ability to create shapes and discover how they can think three demisionally & mold functional pieces of art.

Our full service clay facilty features 5 electric potters wheels, 1 kick wheel, 2 slab rollers, a clay extruder, pug mil, 3 kilns and full glazing studio.

A variety of programs are offered throughout the year and summer. Follow the link below to see what programs are being offered at this time. 

throwing on potters wheel
reaching for the sponge
handbuilding clay projects
clay turtle box
potters wheel lessons
my elephant box
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KidzArt Birthday Parties

It's Your Birthday...and we want to help celebrate!

We make birthday parties easy as 1-2-3!
Celebrate your child’s next birthday with a fun and novel KidzArt party experience!  Join us at the studio, keep the mess out of your house and allow us to help coordinate the event and provide the entertainment.

All kids are Artists love the opportunity to show off their creativity.  We pride outselves at creating an art project "specific" to the birthday childs's wishes!

  1.  Call Ginny to reserve your date

  2.  Give her suggestions on your child's birthday art project

  3.  Join us at the studio of a "birthday to be remembered".

parties start at $200 for 10 children & provides a 3 hour block of the studio.


birthday party paintings
a polor bear birthday
KidzArt Birthday Parties
My little fairy Birthday party
KidzArt Birthday Parties
KidzArt Birthday Parties
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It's Kidz Night Out!

Mom & Dad aren't the only ones to enjoy a night out

What is Kidz Night Out ?

KNO is an opportunity for parents to enjoy a little alone time while someone else provides the evenings entertainment for the kids.

Parents should drop their child(ren) off between 5:45 to 6:15 pm as the evening programs will begin by 6:30.  Children should already have eaten dinner and we will provide a fun snack & desert.  Children should be picked up between 8:30 & 9:00 pm please be prompt.


(there is a $20 penalty + $1 a minute per child starting at 9:01 pm)

A variety of arts & craft projects are planned, there's a movie option and several games will be offered as well.

For ages Kindergarten and up... $20 per child (sibling's 1/2 price)

Check the calendar for upcoming dates and activities

Kids Painting
Kids Drawing
Child Doing Art Activity
Smiling Kids
Babysitter Selfie
Scavenger Hunt Map
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KidzArt Summer Camps

School's out and your kids need something to do...
and our southern heatwave is about to hit home!

Join us at IDEA Studio, where we:

Imagine, Discover & Explore Art!

Our Summer Camp program gives kids a chance to experience a working art studio and all it has to offer.  Each summer, we offer week-long camps with fun themes and arts & craft projects for all ages.  Sessions run Monday thru Friday with a choice of participating in either morning (K-4th grade) or afternoon sessions (4th - 8th grade).

Our 2021 Summers themes are:

•Art Around the World

•Let’s Throw Clay!

Camps meet for 2-1/2 hours/day, Monday through Friday.


(multi-child discounts are available for siblings)

potters wheel
KidzArt Summer Camp
throwing a pot
acryllic painting
KidzArt Summer Camps
Clay baskets