IDEA Studio "LIVE"

Online Art Lessons

We know these are challenging times for everyone and frankly we're not ones to simply sit around the house!  The studio is so quiet and  Ms.Ginny misses having the kids around her on a daily basis.  So...we decided to try and take advantage of today's technology and bring the studio and Ms. Ginny to you.


While the kids are out of school Ms. Ginny will provide a daily art lesson @ 11:00 am. Monday - Friday.  Each week we will prepare an "Activities Bag" which will contain all the art supplies needed for 1 person to complete all 5 projects for the week.


We understand you may not be able to watch us "LIVE" each day (although Ms. Ginny loves knowing someone's out there and having your feedback) so our videos will be saved and available on our Facebook page and our YouTube channel. Even if you missed it live you can purchase the Activity Bag for any week and complete that weeks projects.  This may also be the preferred method for our younger set of artists if they have trouble keeping up when we're live, as you can pause and rewind as necessary.

What you need to know:

  • Reserve your child's Activity Bag (parents too if so inclined)

  • Grab & Go pickup @ IDEA Studio on Saturday 11-3 pm

  • Like or Follow us on Facebook (for notifications)

  • Sign in on Facebook each day @ 11:00 am

  • Post your artwork and tag us @IDEA Studio

Ms Ginny's ready for (grab & go) pick up
It's an assembly line of "Art Supplies"!


Activity Bags

with this weeks

Art Supplies

Ginny all set for "curbside"

Grab & Go